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In collaboration with healthyMEtv, feel calm and refreshed with these simple yoga sequences.

Feel Calm and Refreshed with Yoga

Shaping Up With Yoga

Move Your Body With Yoga

Finding A Balance Through Yoga

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Lord Howe Island is known as a place of peace, tranquility and seclusion. For many guests, a week on Lord Howe is their only chance to escape the persistent phone calls, emails and traffic jams of the ‘real world’, and enjoy a much simpler lifestyle that rejuvenates mind, body and soul.

In Episode 5, Lorna Jane Clarkson gets an exclusive one-on-one with Yoga extraordinaire and teacher to the stars, Charlotte Dodson (Miranda Kerr is her top pupil). Hear Charlotte’s thoughts on why.

In Episode 6, Lorna Jane Clarkson takes a class with Yoga extraordinaire and teacher to the stars, Charlotte Dodson. Watch the girls flow through the best postures for your busy day.

Westin Hotel Yoga

Chisel your core like Kendra YOGA from Charlotte Dodson

Get-up-and-go like Miranda YOGA from Charlotte Dodson

Bend it Like Bingle YOGA from Charlotte Dodson

Charlotte Dodson leading the yoga class for Miranda Kerr’s ‘I Will If You Will’ Earth Hour Challenge on stage at David Jones, Sydney August 2012.