976921-1_lCharlotte has studied and practiced yoga for over 18 years in London, India, New York and Sydney. Charlotte brings a wealth of experience to every class, and has learned hatha, ashtanga and kundalini yoga disciplines with teachers across four continents. She is a qualified yoga instructor, having completed a 3-year International Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at Nature Care College, Sydney.

Charlotte_Dodson-218Having developed an appreciation for the benefits of offering her clients personalized, one-on-one consultations, Charlotte’s classes cover the full spectrum of the yoga experience, providing students with the hidden meanings behind those poses that suit their individual needs. Her private consultations are refreshing, playful, inspiring, and specifically-tailored to counterbalance the demands and stresses placed upon her clientele – busy, time-strapped professionals who work in a wide spectrum of industries.

 healthyMEtvShe offers her private clients the option of in-home consultations, and oftentimes travels abroad with them. This approach has hit a chord with Royalty and top professionals, including supermodel Miranda Kerr, who practices yoga with Charlotte when visiting her Australian homeland. “With yoga, I believe it’s really important to know who you have as a teacher. To me, Charlotte is the best – her energy is really grounding and nurturing.  It has become a part of my life”, she says.


BkxNMcTCIAANsyz After a decade of providing unique, refreshing and inspirational approaches to her dynamic yoga tutorials, Charlotte Dodson now brings the same passion, depth and creative outlook to her TV appearances, film roles and multimedia articles, allowing this energetic individual to explore other facets of her expressive spirit.


morning show_eCharlotte’s philosophy involves her making yoga ‘fit’ for you – whatever your career path, age or experience; whether you’re a reality TV contestant or a morning show viewer – she encourages others to cultivate positivity within their everyday lives, and provides any media platform appearance with an experienced focus and an ability to simplify and easily ‘transmit’ her holistic wellness perspective.


Charlotte has a decade of experience and knowledge when it comes to developing and nurturing brand relationships and marketing opportunities. She’s familiar with everything that she needs to do and say in order to properly carry a brand into whatever current project she is involved with, where ever that may be.

credit_yoga02 Charlotte is proactive and innovative in her ambassador roles. Charlotte is a high-profile media figure who works in one of the largest growing health and wellness fields. She sees the day-to-day activities of her clients and colleagues through the perspective of a brand ambassador, and is therefore able to identify issues and trends that people embrace, thereby making useful suggestions and improvements to strategy and messaging.

IMG_0134Charlotte is a professional speaker and brand presenter. Charlotte proactively initiates conversations  with others in her promotional capacities and public engagements, and is comfortable in media appearances discussing health topic, radiating her warm personality in all situations.

Charlotte is a natural leader and confident presenter. She can embody a brand’s core values in her ambassador role, personifying the archetype of a true expert whilst speaking to both media and the public – making her the perfect “pitch” person to talk to any audience.

Charlotte is highly qualified and has a reputable ‘recognition factor’ within her field. She’s renowned as a celebrity yoga instructor and is a respected authority when it comes to this massively-growing industry.

Charlotte loves to build and maintain solid relationships. Charlotte understands the significance of creating any opportunity to build a relationship, and she seizes the opportunity with both hands! It’s important to her that all of her clients are happy, and that their brand messages are positively reinforced at every event.

Charlotte’s a team player and has a high-caliber reputation as a promotional powerhouse. She works harmoniously with ad agencies and marketing departments, and possesses a vital interest in seeing her partners succeed in growing market share while ensuring that every detail is covered.

Charlotte is tech savvy. She is very literate and switched-on when it comes to her trans-media pursuits and is also passionate in using social media to build her (and her business partners’) brands.


motivational speaker 1

motivational speaker 2Charlotte talks about “all things health” from an inspiring and personal view – including postural alignment, breathing, inner happiness and clean eating. ‘The Positive Experience’ talks are about the importance of yoga in relation to maintaining a healthy body and mind. This in-depth discussion and interactive demonstration will reveal the holistic benefits of this ancient art, and allow attendees to ‘experience’ what yoga is all about: understanding the power of conscious breathing; learning the hidden meanings behind the practice; and being ‘awakened’ to the realization that yoga can change your life for the better, in every way possible… you’ll walk away feeling rejuvenated, grateful, and inspired to follow the yogic philosophy and it’s life-long teachings. Yoga is a positive lifestyle for any-and-everyone to embrace.

AUTHOR (2018)

Charlotte will be publishing her first book in 2018. She wishes to spread the words of positivity o-OPEN-BOOK-facebookand inspiration to the world. Stay tuned for her book launch updates!


escape cover v2 0613 Charlotte Dodson, Yoga to the Stars, is a magnetic personality whose engaging presence can give your prestige corporate event or PR launch a boost of creative inspiration and positivity.

With Charlotte’s media profile now extending into international markets, and with a very polished-yet-personable presentation style, she can devise a ‘theme’ (relating to your brand or event) and tailor a unique and lighthearted yoga class around it. With her encouraging words, precise-and-concise instructions, warm tone, and gently-reassuring and captivating voice, Charlotte’s students are immediately put at ease and focused on her instructions.

IMG_0134Whether it’s one-on-one work, or an outdoor class involving over five hundred participants, Charlotte can teach all levels and backgrounds and “meet people where they’re at”, from a comfort level perspective. She provides an uplifting lifestyle experience that will allow each individual to participate in a refreshingly-deep and meaningful session, producing profound feelings of gratitude for everyone to take home with them from the event.

Yoga is beyond the boundaries of ‘just’ physical exercise – while it most certainly has benefits in that regard (strengthening the core and encouraging flexibility in the body), it also creates the same level of openness and determination in the mind and spirit. Yoga is a holistic practice, an endless (and endlessly-fascinating) journey, and its teachings and rewards will stay with practitioners for life.

Westin-Sydney-Yoga-45Media providers turn to Charlotte’s input in order to ensure their content benefits from the positive meaning, strength and confidence she conveys as she brings the topic-at-hand ‘to life’. Charlotte’s broad variety of projects include her work building positive attitudes within performers in order to facilitate their creative flair and open heartedness.