A good healthy balanced diet

By Charlotte Dodson

In terms of her diet, Charlotte ensures she has a good healthy balanced diet. She also eats small amounts (a small palm full is a good guide) regularly and organically wherever possible.

‘With yoga, the clarity it brings encourages you to make more conscious, self-nurturing decisions; the new ‘dietlicious’ range by Gourmet Dinner Service offers tasty, nourishing, and healthy dishes. Their range allows me to assemble my meal choices with creativity and nutritional intelligence – bringing inspiration to my everyday eating routine. Their home-delivered service is an added-value convenience for those of us who are always on the go’ says Charlotte.

Meet the go-to yoga guru:

What turned you into a health foodie?

I eat what I feel my body needs – yoga teaches you to be in tune and be aware of all aspects of life, and eating is one of them.

What are some non-negotiable when it comes to your diet and why?

I love coconut water, I swear by it! It’s something everyone should drink as it hydrates and rehydrates the body with its essential electrolytes, it’s replenishing.

What is your favourite breakfast?
Protein in my diet serves me wonders. For breakfast I love a muesli mix, berry-flax-kefir smoothie or eggs with spinach and goats fetta.

What do you eat for lunch and dinner?
I usually eat brown rice veggie or salad mix for lunch and for dinner a fish delight whether it be salmon, trout or spelt fish pie!

What advice do you have for young girls striving to be thin rather than a healthy weight?
Beauty starts from within and this is what lies in the heart of a yoga practice. This is a reason why Miranda Kerr is so drawn to yoga — she understands that your healthy glow of nourishment is what everyone sees around you. Miranda understands that life is there to cherish and, that every day is a day to be grateful for, and she embodies the truth that life will return to you the same appreciation that you give to it.

Yoga is a great place to start with a healthy body, and state of mind. We all need to build strength and confidence, gain flexibility and maintain our postural alignment, remain grounded and find balance in our journey. Practicing yoga can also give everyone a time to rest, rejuvenate and “be” true to themselves.

Yoga practitioners have long known that everything you do with your body can affect your thoughts and attitude. Sometimes something as subtle as a shift in posture can lighten a dark mood. If a woman stands tall, with dignity—opening and broadening her chest—and walks with confidence, she announces to the world (and, most important, to herself) that she is grounded, happy, and in tune with her surroundings. This is what people will notice about a young woman, rather than her dress size!