Stand at the top of your mat and see what happens!



We all have them, some days you just don’t feel to practice yoga! Sometimes the hardest part is to roll out your mat, stand at the top and see what happens!

Whether on the yoga mat or off, always remember to follow your heart’s intuition. This openness and acceptance allows you to embrace the confronting times by working through challenging poses. Cherish every moment by embracing those uplifting yoga positions which give you a sense of appreciation and gratitude for growth. The journey of yoga teaches you to stay on your breath, which will keep you grounded in the ‘present moment’ – as someone once said to me, ‘try rolling your mat out, stand at the top and see what happens!’ This is exactly the kind of freedom and creativity I encourage with those I teach – find the lifetime practice within yourself, with a light, joyous and open heart!

Namaste, Charlotte x

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