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How to Energize and Feel ‘Alive’!

By Charlotte Dodson |
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Feel like you’re dragging your feet, and need a second wind? Had a tiring day, and yet still have a long night ahead of you? By focusing your goals and practicing a few simple yoga moves – for about 15 minutes on a daily basis – you’ll easily boost up your energy levels, and thus be ready to take on the full evening that lays ahead of you.

Complete this sequence in this particular order, and if you’re feeling a need for an extra energy boost, practice these poses a few times throughout the day, either when you’re on the ‘go’ or at your desk!

By working your large muscles groups in order to get the energy flowing through your organs and limbs, and by oxygenating your lungs at the same time, you’ll be set for the day. Always remember to breathe fully and mindfully throughout your practice – that way, you’ll give yourself that boost of long-lasting energy you need. During your practice, keep your belly active, chin tucked into your throat and ribs drawn into your spine.

Inhale to oxygenate
Every time you inhale, you oxygenate your blood and fill your lungs with life-giving air. This is a great way to wake you up, especially in the morning. By giving yourself a few moments out of a busy work schedule to consciously breathe, you will keep yourself both alert and calm throughout the whole day. Lets breathe deeply into our lungs, and increase that lung capacity as you work with breath counts. Come into a cross legged sit with your hands on your knees, to keep your spine elongated. Keep your chin tucked into your throat to protect your neck. Take a long deep inhale, counting from 1-2-3-4 (maybe to 5-6) breath lengths, and naturally release on a long exhale. Repeat 3-5 times. Always come back to a natural flowing breath if it feels uncomfortable at any time.


Open chest and lungs
This pose (‘prasarita padottanasana c’) opens up your lungs, chest, shoulders and heart. It makes you feel truly ‘alive’. It really gives you that ‘zing’ to open up your day, and lengthens your spine as you bend forward.

Start by placing your feet one leg distant apart, toes inward slightly. Press firmly into your feet and strongly activate your legs. Interlock your hands with your palms facing inward behind your back body and open your chest as you roll your shoulders outward. Bend your knees slightly and if you can, lift your arms up and over your head. Don’t push this movement and only go as far as you feel comfortable. An option is to bring one hand onto each elbow behind your back. Keep your chin tucked down in towards your throat. You’ll feel your front body open as gravity naturally draws the hands towards the floor. Breathe deeply and naturally for 5-10 breaths. To release, slowly roll back up to standing keeping your knees soft.

Release and centre
Twist, turn and unravel any of those emotional problems! This pose gets into all those knots and tight areas, helping to alleviate the strain. Bring your feet one leg distant apart, with your toes turning inwards and heels out slightly. Keep your knees soft to protect your lower back. Place one hand into the middle of your legs and as your inhale, raise the other arm up over your head. Lengthen your fingers up towards the ceiling. Keep your legs strong and active. Look up to your top hand, if your neck feels sore, look down to the base hand. Roll your shoulders outward and breathe fully into the whole length of your spine. Breathe deeply for 5-10 breaths. To release the pose, exhale your lifting arm back down to the floor and repeat to the other side.


Expand into your ribcage
As you create more space in your body, you do the same within your mind. When was the last time you emphasized movements that involved the side of your body? In our exercise routines, we tend to go forwards or back, but not often from side to side. As we shift and move the body, we shift and move our mind – expansion in our movement and our thoughts is the goal.

Either start in a cross legged seat (easy version), or alternatively, come to the top of your mat, feet hip distant apart, feet firmly pressed down into the floor. As you inhale, interlock your hands and raise your arms up to the ceiling, reaching high. On your next exhale, keep your legs active, press your palms towards the right side, lengthening through your left side as you ’tilt’ in that direction. If you’re seated, release your right hand or forearm gently down onto the floor, with your left reaching up and over your head. Bend your knees if your lower back is tender and keep your tailbone tucked under. Breath deeply for 5 breath lengths before coming back to neutral on your inhale. Repeat to the other side.

Wake up
Backbends opens up the front body and strengthens the back. This half upside down bow pose gives you an energetic boost as you turn yourself inside out, like a rainbow shape.


Start by laying down with your back body on the floor. Bend both knees up into about a 45 degree angle, press the soles of your feet into the earth, keeping your feet hip distant apart. Place your forearms onto the floor with your palms facing down. On your exhale, ground your feet and roll your buttocks, lower, middle and upper back away from the floor. Roll your shoulders down and if it feels comfortable interlock your hands together, under your back body. Keep lifting your chest towards your chin and your chin towards your chest. You’re developing muscle strength in your legs. Hold the body shape and breathe deeply for 5-10 breaths before rolling back to the floor on your exhalation. Every time you exhale, feel your belly tightly tuck in and see if you can soften your buttocks. As you move on the exhale, your belly is protecting your lower back. An option is to lift up onto your tip toes to release your lower back, or roll back down to the floor if it feels uncomfortable. When you come back to the floor make sure you hug your knees into your belly and give yourself a squeeze. Keep your lower back pressed down into the floor, before repeating the pose a few more times.

RELAX (savasana)
We can be so busy with life –  thinking and doing too much! Yoga is a tool to help us keep our mind still and quiet. Lay back, let go and see if you can ‘be’ in the moment by giving time for your body to relax for 5-10 minutes. This corpse pose allows your body to absorb the sequence you’ve just completed. You’ll feel rested and it will provide your whole body with an overall sense of well-being and harmony. It’s similar to a powernap, allowing all your organs to breathe as you lay flat on your back.

After savasana, roll out to the right side and come up to a cross legged sitting posture; now you’ll feel ready to embrace your whole day – alert, energised and with a regained second wind.


Yoga Matters with Miranda Kerr’s Yoga guru – The Chalkboard Mag

Fit-spirational: Miranda Kerr’s Yogi On Being In The Moment

Australia’s hottest yogi serves up some inspiration on what getting that model glow is really all about…

5.7.15 | Katie Horwitch, Photo Credit: At Dusk
All Things YogaFitness + Well Being

AUSSIE CHARLOTTE DODSON‘S sun-drenched, dreamy Insta-feed and aspirational yet totally approachable style of yoga, a mix of gorgeous poses, quick demo videos, and inspirational quotes on fleek had us at hello. And then we realized something. This wasn’t just any yogi – this was Miranda Kerr’s yogi.

If like attracts like, Charlotte’s extensive celeb clientele is just proof of her own radiant star power. Miranda said it best: “With yoga I believe it’s really important who you have as a teacher, to me Charlotte is the best – her energy is really grounding and nurturing. It has become a part of my life.”

This yoga life coach is Australia’s go-to gal for the latest and greatest in the holistic world, and her sweetness and enthusiasm are more than refreshing amidst the slew of harsh, pseudo-fitspirational personalities and approaches out there in the wellness world (you know, where it’s all about beating you down to build you up).

Read our interview with Charlotte below and catch a few more in our Yoga Matters series here. Sign up for a free month of this yoga star’s online classes below and you’ll be girl-crushing right along with us: this is a woman who’s all about smiling, staying enthusiastic, and being kind to others. Sure, the poses matter – but to us, that kind of attitude is what yoga is really about.


NAME: Charlotte Dodson
STUDIO: Charlotte Dodson Yoga


I love being active and it has always been an important part of my life. Yoga actually found me; it was a blessing in disguise. I moved from advertising into teaching yoga, and now it’s my full time passion. I got into yoga by accident (literally), and it completely changed my life …It started when, on a weekend away, I broke my arm surfing. It meant my daily boxing and soft-sand running schedule came to a stand still. I had loved the adrenaline of being fit and healthy, and then suddenly I had to stop everything that was important to me in my world – I got thrown onto another path. Ultimately, the practice and teaching of yoga has shown me that as I follow what I truly wish for in my life, my path will lead me the right way and I won’t need to question the journey I’m on.

My incredible teacher Eileen Hall has aided me immensely in deepening my knowledge and appreciation for yoga. I’ve also had magical insights and deep wisdom from Richard Freeman, David Swenson and Mark Robberds – it’s important to keep growing and evolving every day through the art of being open and receptive to a wide variety of perspectives.

Walking my doggies along the coast, dipping into the ocean and soaking up the great outdoors. Nature teaches us that beauty exists everywhere – both inside and outside of ourselves.

I love the dancers pose (Natrajasana). It teaches us that “life is a dancer and you are the dance.” (Eckhart Tolle)

Is a positive lifestyle; it’s far more than trying to touch your toes! Yoga is a great place to start to create a healthy body and state of mind. We all need to build strength and confidence, gain flexibility and maintain our postural alignment, remain grounded and find balance in our journey. Practicing yoga (in combination with a meditation practice) can also give everyone time to rest, rejuvenate and ‘be’ true to themselves.

I love animals! We’re closely linked to the animal world. Just watching an animal closely can take you out of your mind-distractions and bring you into the present moment, which is where animals live all the time. This is what yoga teaches us: to live in the now.

To slow down (big ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh on the exhale!). To truly live and cherish every single moment and every breath, rather than hurrying and rushing through life – otherwise we miss out on what’s right in front of us. Yoga has taught me to b-r-e-a-t-h-e, one breath at a time, and to live each moment, one blessing at a time.For me, in this current moment, yoga is life – it’s a calm positive state of mind, to simply sit comfortably and be, without artifice or pretense. That’s the challenge for most of us, to train our busy minds to become stiller and to follow our intuition, our heart. To come back to the essence of who we really are, by listening to ourselves. It might sound hard, and it’s something I’m always working on, but it sure makes life a lot easier!

Stay enthusiastic. Sometimes life can have its challenges but the key is to keep moving forward, fearlessly. The challenges soon fade away and evolve into learning opportunities for expansion. The yoga class is a perfect life metaphor – as we build strength and openness, and as the poses become easier to safely perform, the exertion and concentration eventually disappears, transforming the practice into a moving meditation.Everything you do with your body can affect your thoughts and attitude. Sometimes, something as subtle as a shift in a yoga posture can lighten a dark mood. When someone stands tall, with dignity – opening and broadening their chest – and walks with confidence, they announce to the world (and, most importantly, to themselves) that they are grounded, happy and in tune with their surroundings.

My teacher, Eileen Hall, once said to me, “you don’t need to try anymore.” She said, “let go and your world will open up.” For years I was wondering what I should be letting go of. And then it hit home one day. It was to let go of everything, no more predicting the future or holding on to the past. Yoga, for me, was actually the opportunity to drop everything – fears, expectations, and even thoughts. I learned, finally, that our breath is the anchor for us all to live in the present moment. This is the ultimate gift: to live in the now.


  • Write my book
  • Grow my herbal garden
  • Start my charity foundation
  • Spread positive vibes through an in-development TV Show (resident ‘yoga life coach’)
  • Travel the world and touch someone’s heart wherever I go!


S-m-i-l-e. It’s contagious! And give yourself a hug of gratitude – everyday! Laughter really is the best medicine.

Live, love, laugh.



Best for legs – ELLE AUS




It’s time to get your body out of those warm, tightly-wrapped clothes and out into the summer sun’s embrace! So let’s do it.. let’s lose any extra pounds that are just ‘hanging around’, and get toned up and strengthened, too,in order to feel lighter and build excitement in anticipation of summer’s arrival. Practicing any type of yoga will build strength and tighten the body’s shape, but some forms of the practice may not raise your heart rate enough to make them the only form of exercise you need to include in your weight loss regime. It depends on what type of yoga you choose to participate in, and how frequently you practice it. In order to lose weight, you must eat healthily, and burn calories by doing exercises that raises your heart rate on a regular basis (ie., 3 to 4 times per week).

Maintaining a routine, and employing a flowing dynamic practice, are two good places to start. Even 20 minutes of a ‘powerful’ practice, performed daily, will soon add up to hours and weeks of physique-enhancing workouts that will make you look and feel fabulous. So try not to brush a short practice aside – with just a little bit of effort, done with regularity, you will keep building strength, massaging your organs and toning your whole being.

Yoga is a well-being investment that your body will be truly thankful to experience – but how can yoga help you lose weight and tone up? Yoga can help reduce weight because it has no ‘break-down’ side effects on your body. It ensures that you will become proportionate to your own body weight in accordance to your height and lifestyle. Yoga acts on the metabolic systems of your body as well as on your fat cells. As you breathe deeply while assuming every pose and movement, it increases the oxygen intake to the cells of your body, including the fat cells – which are ‘consumed’ in the presence of so much oxygen. Also, the practice of yoga can de-stress your mind-body connections, and help you to overcome anxiety – a major cause of overeating. Some of the yoga poses can help control your weight through stimulating your lethargic thyroid glands, thus increasing their hormonal secretions, which leads to weight reduction.

Remember, also, that yoga is a practice that encompasses your whole being, not just the physical side. It’ll feed positivity into all areas of your mental, emotional and spiritual life, and you’ll reap the rewards of a toned and sculpted body shape as an added bonus. Now it’s all in place –  there’s no time better time to do it than RIGHT NOW!

Go go go!
You’ve just got to decide and commit to the next few weeks (which will naturally lead into months!) of a regular yoga practice. There’s a fine line with ‘working your edge’ and it’s important to put your full awareness, effort and heart into everything you do, including your yoga practice. The key element to yoga (and your every day living) is your BREATH. It’s your anchor to the present moment. Start in a cross legged position, hands folded into prayer. Keep your chin tucked into your throat and take a few (deeper than normal) breaths. Your lips are closed as you breathe through both nostrils, tongue resting on the top palate of your mouth. As you breathe, there’s a slight rasping sound, this is called the ‘ocean’ breath. This subtle sound is something you can hear throughout your whole practice. It keeps you focused and mentally aware of every movement and pose you make, taking you deeper within. Take a round of approx. 20 long deep breaths with this ‘ocean’ sound and to release, come back to your normal breathing rhythm.

Be lighter
Bounce through summer by being a few kilos lighter! As we twist and turn, it empties and releases your belly, creating lightness and allowing you to get deeper into your practice. Stand at the top of your mat. Bend your knees if your back is tender. Bring one hand to the opposite foot, and turn from your belly, chest and shoulder. Keep your chin tucked in as you look up to your top raised arm. If your neck’s tender, please look down to your base foot. Hold and breathe deeply for 10 breaths before repeating to the other side. To really empty you can repeat both sides again. To add a greater strength dimension to the pose, twist a little more on every exhalation to squeeze, and massage your digestive organs and activate your belly muscles.

Tone up
Ready for a slender and trim body shape? Yoga is a muscular practice, and we use our muscles to ‘lift’ out of our joints. The best way to tone your muscles is to lengthen and strengthen them at the same time. But how do we know if we’re ‘sitting’ in our joints? Usually, if you’re locking your joints, you’ll find that your knees are locked back; or, seeing your elbows jarred further inward than your arm is a good indication. Best way out of this situation is to bend them all. Begin in ‘downward facing dog’ with your arms and legs bent. This way you can’t ‘sit’ in your joints, you have to use your muscular strength. As you bend your elbows, keep them in towards your side waist and as you bend your knees, keep your hips lifting up and back. Press firmly into your palms and the balls of your feet. Keep your chin tucked into your throat and breathe deeply. Hold this for 5-20 breaths before resting into child pose. Repeat another 2-3 times as you feel appropriate. If your body starts to shake, it’s an indication that your body is catching up with your nervous system – breathe through it for a few breaths and rest, before continuing as you feel comfortable.

Remember to be kind, and not to over stay in any pose or throw yourself into any movement – use your true inner strength, which builds in power the more you practice the poses.

Dynamic movement
Shift and move! Now we’re going to incorporate the power of your breathing and ‘downward facing dog’ into this next sequence. As we work to move constantly, it’ll get your heart rate up and will build stamina and endurance. Follow this next mini sequence with determination (no force) and you’ll be amazed with your results. This powerful movement will increase your heart rate and allow you to start shedding pounds.
*From ‘downard facing dog’ (as above)
*Inhale forward to the ‘high plank’ and hold for 5 breaths. Make sure you don’t dip your hips or your lower back; keep your chin into your throat and lift up slightly inbetween your shoulder blades. Keep your wrists and shoulders aligned and heels working towards the back of your mat. *Exhale to lower down to ‘chatturanga’ (option, drop to your knees) and squeeze your elbows by your sides – hold and take 5 breaths
*Inhale back up to the ‘high plank’ – hold for 5 breaths
*Exhale back into into downward facing dog – hold and breathe for 5 breaths.
Repeat this 5 times or more and move powerfully with your breath. Breathe fully and deeply into every part of this sequence to get your blood flowing and muscles activating.

Flat belly
Want to look trim in your summer swimwear? Something that we all strive for: a flat, toned belly. As you follow the essential good health food rules, a taut, muscular abdominal wall will become visible. ‘Boat Pose’ – come onto your sit bones and hold onto your legs out in front of you. Slowly draw your toes away from the floor, hovering onto your sit bones and with your legs up, straight if you can; otherwise keep your knees bent if your lower back is sore. Release your arms from your legs and bring them parallel to the floor, keeping your biceps strong and legs together. Take your gaze to your pointed toes. Belly, legs and upper body active and fully alert. Hold and breathe deeply for 5-10 breaths, release your toes to the floor to rest for a few breaths before repeating another 2-3 times. For a additional variation, drop your finger tips down to one side, twisting from your belly in your boat pose. Hold and breathe for 5-10 breaths and repeat to the other side.

Ensure that, after any short practice, you lay in ‘savasana’. It lets your body absorb everything you have done, and digest all the wisdom of the practice into the wholeness of your being. As you feel energised and glowing from your yoga practice, not only will you look and feel bikini ready, you’ll notice that your food decisions and daily emotional choices start to improve, and this (in turn) feeds positively into the rest of your daily life. So the next time you go to your supermarket, choose wisely, and you’ll bounce through your practice being lighter and meet the challenges of your everyday life with added confidence – in no time at all!

MEN can do yoga!

Benefits Of Yoga For Men

Bro-ga: Why All Men Should Be Doing Yoga

The woman on the other side has wrapped herself up into what seems like an inhuman position — while you are sweating bucket-loads just trying to touch your toes.

For whatever reason, yoga has been typecast as a modern health and fitness discipline that belongs in a “woman’s world”. Most classes and studios are geared towards the female population, and a recent study conducted in the US showed that 4 out of 5 people who practiced yoga regularly were women. If you do see a man in a yoga class, more likely than not he has been dragged there by his partner.

An interesting note however, is that yoga was originally devised by men, for men — yet somehow this got lost in translation when it migrated to western culture from its roots in India, as far back as 500 BC. It has only been around in the Western world for the past 80 years or so, yet its popularity has really skyrocketed in the last 15-20 years.

Now, it’s big business. Classes, studios, DVDs and yoga retreats are popping up everywhere, and it seems that every second woman these days is covered head to toe in Lululemon clothing. At its core, however, yoga remains one of the true classical forms of exercise. My favourite part of yoga is that it’s a deeply personal workout. It allows you to connect with yourself, focusing on your own breath and movement whilst ignoring the distractions and constant chatter going on inside your head.

What else is yoga good for? I’m glad you asked. Let’s find out.


1- Yoga will compliment your training schedule

The benefits of yoga are many, from improving flexibility and range of motion in major joints (particularly your hips and shoulders) to improving balance, control and core stability. This supplements your efforts in the gym by building control in your stabilising and synergistic muscles — not to mention awakening some deeper muscles that you will never work in a typical gym workout.

Yoga can be used as a substitute for your core workouts, or even strategically placed as an active recovery session, during times in your program where you feel a little over-trained.

2- Yoga isn’t all just Chants and Meditation

Yoga is practiced in many forms these days, from a traditional, beginner’s Hatha to free-flowing Vinyasa and the powerful form of Ashtanga. There’s also Bikram (otherwise known as “hot yoga”) and Lyengar (using props such as blocks, bolsters and straps and focusing on alignment). Don’t get discouraged if you didn’t like it the first time — you just haven’t found your preferred style yet.

… to read more

Ways to keep warm this winter – Iluka Skincare, Natalie Imbruglia

ILUKA Lifestyle Blog

Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

Fire up the heater, put on those ugg boots and fill up your hot water bottle – the weather outside has taken a turn for the seriously chilly, with temperatures dropping dramatically on a daily basis, it seems. Winter really is here! But how can we stay in shape while simultaneously keeping our internal body systems warm and fully-functional this winter?

Our breath is the key to keeping us warm. Have you noticed that when you go for a run that stretches out over a long period of time, you’ll naturally begin to breathe through your mouth during the session? This is an instinctual physiological response that enables the body to cool down. As you breathe naturally through both nostrils, with your lips closed, this heats up your internal self and stores that heat within your body.Throughout this next sequence of poses, ensure that your lips are closed and you breathe naturally through both nostrils. Notice how quickly your body heats up. Remember to breathe deeply throughout each movement, without hurrying your breath. On days when you think you have no time for yoga, try and do at least one or two rounds of the Sun Salutation. You’ll notice the difference in a variety of pleasing ways.
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Boys love yoga – VIDEO

Boys love yoga

UK-based “Boys of Yoga” is an urban yogi movement spearheaded by six males, all hellbent on uplifting the male yogi’s status in the global community of yoga folks.

To them, yoga is a solid, hardcore, and centering practice that’s as perfect for spandex-clad women, granola-munching hippies, and raw vegan activists as it is for the average guy.

In this video, MJ, Charlie, Marc II, Lord Veda, Carl, and Adam each speak their truth on their passion for yoga and how it’s changed their life for the better, despite common beliefs of yoga as a “females only” zone.

“Some guys think that yoga makes you less of a man,” says their website’s ‘About’ statement. “The truth is, it makes you a better one.”

… to

How to shine in everyway – Iluka Skincare, Natalie Imbruglia

ILUKA Lifestyle Blog


Charlotte is an internationally renowned yoga life coach and motivational speaker. She has taken the world by storm, London born and based in Sydney, teaches clients such as Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, Basil Iwanyk, Phoebe Tonkin, Stephanie Rice, Lara Bingle and Leah Wood.


After a 15-year love affair with yoga in four different continents, Charlotte is a go-to source for the latest and greatest creative practices. A true advocate for the benefits of yoga and a holistic, healthy lifestyle, Charlotte is determined to empower others to make yoga and being positive a part of their life.

Charlotte Dodson provides bespoke regimes to people of ages, levels & medical backgrounds. Charlotte is a qualified yoga teacher who has been practicing & teaching yoga for over 15 years in UK, India, US and Australia.

Charlotte brings a wealth of experience to every class having practiced, hatha, ashtanga & kundalini yoga with teachers across four continents. She has completed a 3 year International Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at Nature Care Sydney & Charlotte travels regularly to update her knowledge.

“With yoga I believe it’s really important who you have as a teacher, to me Charlotte is the best – her energy is really grounding & nurturing, it has become a part of my life,” says Miranda Kerr.

How to shine in every way
By practicing a flowing dynamic yoga sequence on a regular basis (for 20 minutes, performed two-to-three times a week), an individual will soon find themselves benefiting – on many levels – from that hours-into-weeks consistency; please feel free to explore the following physique-enhancing yoga workout that will make you shine and feel fabulous, from root to crown. So try not to brush a short practice (guided by these simple tips, below) aside – with just a little bit of effort, performed with a steady intention of commitment and belief, you will keep building strength, massaging your organs and toning your whole being. It’ll also give you a bright inner glow that everyone around you sees as it shines out into the world!

Positive Intention
How we feel on the inside, simply shows up on the outside. By starting your day with a positive intention (and returning to it whenever times are challenging) can be a great way to stay level headed, giving yourself permission to shine in every way. You can be open with your intention, you just need to believe in whatever your affirmation happens to hold in that moment.

Breathe deeply
The power of your breathing keeps you anchored into the present moment, as well as massaging and oxygenating your body. Sit cross legged with your spine upright and chin tucked into your throat. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through both nostrils (with lips closed) and notice your breath as it breathes you, gently beneath your skin. Count to 1-2-3 (perhaps even to 4-5) on both inhale and exhalations. This will create an inner heat, and an inner spark.

Salute to the sun (Surya Namaskar)
This sequence can work for every-and-anyone, wherever your age, level or experience happen to reside. The sun salutations build strength and flexibility. Complete the following cycle to feel revitalized, and brighten up your whole day through these patterns. It works to warm up your whole body, keeping your mind focused on your breathing while also providing a feel-good body “depth” as you create shapes perfectly for yourself. There are various steps to this movement, with each flowing gracefully from one movement into the next; hold each pose for one breath (except in downward facing dog).
… to read more