Feeling bloated? Help your digestion

“Wind Relieving Pose” (Apanasana)

This is a simple move that is usually found in a Hatha, Restorative or a Power (Vinyasa) yoga class. This is a movement that everyone can do, it’s called the ‘wind-relieving pose’! The title says it all – it releases any unwanted gases, massages your abdominal organs, and aids your digestion. It relieves flatulence and helps your tummy if you’ve eaten too much!


Lay flat on your back and draw your legs in towards your belly, keeping your lower back on the ground. Place each hand lightly on top of each knee, and as you inhale, gently press your knees away from your belly (until your arms are straight), and on every exhale, squeeze your legs into your front body, massaging your abdomen. Allow your breath to move you, rather than your mind. It’s a far lighter approach, and one that should be carried out in every yoga practice.

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