‘Anytime’ is a good time to practice!

Charlotte-Dodson-FLEXIBILITY-112x150with regards to a daily practice regimine, the phrase “anytime is a good time” definitely applies; however, if time and mind-body response does allow for it, ‘brahmamuhurta’ (the morning period between 3.30 a.m. and 5.30 a.m.) has been shown to be the best-suited “time block” for meditation – and yoga is a dynamic form of this peaceful, inward-looking state. After a good night’s sleep, the mind is refreshed, calm and serene. There is a preponderance of purity in the mind at this time, as well as in the atmosphere that surrounds the practitioner and their abode. It is during this period that t
he mind is like a blank sheet of paper, free from worldly impressions – the mental chit-chatter has not yet deeply entered into the brainwave frequencies. As such, the mind can be moulded easily and directed into stillness; therefore, you want to begin your day with divine, clear thoughts – ‘as within, so without!’.

Namaste, Charlotte x


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