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Charlotte Dodson x Miranda Kerr

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By Charlotte Dodson |

Having worked with Miranda Kerr for over 10 years, I can truly say that Miranda’s passion for yoga will stay with her for life. Yoga is a far deeper experience than physical exercise, and that’s why it’s a journey that can be seen as a life long commitment. Life is full of surprises and new adventures, and hopefully – with an open heart and attitude – you can see all of those possibilities unfold before your very own eyes. Sometimes we’re just asleep, or simply not ready to see it. It’s all to be found in your own good time. We all have mentors, people we can hold up as an example to aspire to – I credit my teacher, Eileen Hall, for all of her guidance, dedication and great sense of humor, empowering my yoga practice with her strength yet also infusing it with light-hearted appreciation. Yoga teaches you to live life in the present moment, to cherish all that you have, and be grateful for all that you are.

But how? As a teacher I have found that the poses and the practice itself act as a mirror for your present state of being, as an indication of your true ‘self’. We can only practice and teach from experience : what we believe, and where we’re at at any given time. As an example, when you open up deeper into backbends, you’ll notice opportunities will open up around you. To stop for a moment and actually ‘check in’ to notice how you feel, rather than running away from yourself, will give you the power to own your world. Yoga will give you the tools to keep you grounded, rejuvenated, and creating a flexible and strong body, mind, and spirit. It really feeds into all areas of your life, you just need to reflect and be open to it in order to truly feel and see it. It really works!

So here are some tools for you to use when you need them – Miranda swears by them, and given her compassionate, kind and considerate nature, they are clearly working for her!. After all, the practice is there for you – both on and OFF the yoga mat.


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