Women’s Fitness TV – Phoebe Tonkin

It’s not hard to tell that US-based Aussie actress Phoebe Tonkin is a health and fitness guru, what with her lean body and wellbeing website, Your Zen Life. With a little help from her yoga instructor Charlotte Dodson, who’s also a contributor to Your Zen Life, you could be well on your way to a toned figure with Phoebe’s fave poses.

Yoga isn’t just about the body, though, as Charlotte says, “You’ll feel stretched out, gently stimulated … and more than that, you’ll start to see life in a positive way. It will feed into all areas of your life. You will appreciate everyone in it and you will walk around with a positive and proud body and self on all levels.”

With a busy filming schedule, it would be easy for Phoebe to skip workouts. But Charlotte says Phoebe practises these three poses daily, which she demonstrates in our video (above):
1.    Seat twist, to assist in balance and flexibility
2.    Camel pose, to energise
3.    Legs up wall (one of Phoebe’s favourites!) to relax and reenergise the body and open the hips.

Charlotte’s tip: “Always remember that your breath moves you.”


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