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The Victoria’s Secret runway show is a slick, well oiled machine. The parts are serviced for months before and the engines are in top shape when they hit the catwalk.

It’s little wonder then that the world’s top models take this show so seriously. Giselle has a contract worth $25 million, the brand launched Miranda into supermodel status, and it’s hard to remember Heidi Klum doing anything else.

Now Australian supermodel Shanina Shaik is fast following in Kerr’s stiletto footsteps.

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“I was speechless and about to cry when I found out (I’d been picked) because I worked so hard for three years and to finally get it, it was like a relief. I couldn’t believe it,” Shaik said.

There are 37 girls in the show but only six wear the infamous sixteen-kilogram wings on the runway.

Thanks to celebrity yoga instructor Charlotte Dodson, Kerr carries hers like a true angel, working out right up until the show starts.

Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2012
“Miranda practises daily anyway, from twenty minutes to an hour each day. Before the show she will pick up her intensity, so she has got tough core strength, and when she gains that strength, she will walk down the catwalk with grace and confidence,” Dodson explained.
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