The Best Travel Yoga –

The Best Travel Yoga

by Teresa Bergen, Demand Media

travelWhile you may look forward to a vacation in a faraway land, it’s easy to forget travel’s inherent discomfort. Plane seats seem to shrink every year, luggage strains the shoulders, and unfamiliar customs and time zones can wear you out. But taking your yoga practice with you on the road can go a long way to decreasing stress and stiffness and upping the enjoyment factor of your trip.


Mile-High Yoga

Just because you’re on an airplane is no excuse not to do yoga, according to international yoga instructor Charlotte Dodson. She devised a series of onboard yoga stretches for CNN. Some of her top poses include a seated spinal twist and a seated cat/cow, both to limber the spine. To do the twist, cross your right leg over your left thigh. Take your left hand to the right knee, your right hand to the armrest, and gently twist. Take five breaths, then change sides. To do cat/cow, sit on the edge of your plane seat. Exhale and round the spine into cat, pulling your navel in and dropping your head. On the inhalation, arch your back, gazing toward the tip of your nose. Move back and forth between the poses 10 to 20 times. Car passengers can also do these poses. If you’re the driver, save the yoga for after you’ve come to a stop.

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