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Taking a Stand for 2013 Resolutions

Jan 16, 2013 Contributed by: Charlotte Dodson
By Charlotte Dodson | charlottedodson.tv

It’s here, the joy of a new year – we’re flowing into 2013, and each day sees us taking another step closer towards fulfilling our hearts’ promised goal. This goal could be something you’ve decided that you need to either release from your life, or it could be a vision you wish to embrace. Either way, hold your resolution within the strengthened corridors of your heart, and watch your distant-horizon goals become an ever-present, living reality.

Breath is the key – it’s the bridge that allows you to anchor yourself within the present moment. Yoga builds strength in your body while simultaneously creating the same power and determination in your mind – its successful application all depends upon your breath as the ‘living go between’ between consciousnes and form. It’s time to get empowered with this next routine, so please follow the step-by-step instructions carefully in order to maximize the derived benefits.

Standing poses are very strengthening, and give you the necessary stability to tackle the rest of your practice. They’re the stabilizing foundation, teaching you to keep your base firm and active. Remember that whenever a pose or life situation is a challenge, come back to the power of your breathing to keep you in the moment, staying focussed and determined with each inhale and exhale. We’re going to hold the next sequence of poses for longer periods of time, to test your strength and build stamina at the same time.

Lets begin.

Mountain pose (Tadasana) 
See Above Image
Like a mountain, this pose teaches you to stand erect and firm. It helps to improve your body posture, self awareness and balance. Begin with your feet together (or hip distant apart if your balance is still developing). Spread your toes widely and begin to rock forward onto the balls of your feet, and then back onto your heels. Find your balance between the front and backs of your feet. Now rock from side to side. Then find balance between left to right, front and back. Ground your feet, active your legs, keep your tailbone tucked under and belly strong. Keep your spine upright, chest open and shoulders rolling back. Arms can actively lengthen down by your side. With your head held high, keep your chin slightly tucked into your throat. Actively works your muscles in every area – stand tall for 20-30 seconds. Relax and repeat again before moving to the next posture.

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