Post Pregnancy Yoga

POST PREGNANCY YOGA- Written by Miranda Kerr’s Yoga teacher Charlotte Dodson

September 27, 2012

Magazines portray these female celebrities looking stunningly toned and elegantly slender, and they’ve just given birth. What’s the secret? How do they do it?

Written by Guest Blogger Charlotte Dodson



As a mother, you are nearly overwhelmed by feelings of unconditional love and pure joy as you’ve just experienced a miracle: your new-born has now entered this world. Your morning sickness, achy lower back, and general fatigue related to pregnancy’s (literal and metaphorical) weight have passed. However, some have other conditions that need a little help – an entirely different set of physical conditions that often accompany the bliss of loving your little creation. Luckily, a few simple yoga poses address the most common concerns and will get you back into shape.

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