Miranda Kerr’s yoga teacher can be yours as well!

Charlotte Dodson Yoga

Launching 17th September: charlottedodson.tv

For the first time, celebrity yoga teacher Charlotte Dodson opens up the doors of her exclusive practice and invites everyone from around the world to join in with her scheduled yoga TV sessions—an interactive, in-depth learning experience, complete with ‘real-time’ communications: forums, live chats and live tips. Charlotte, teacher to Miranda Kerr, Kit Willow, Lara Bingle and Leah Wood – amongst many other ‘name’ personalities in various fields – is now offering yoga fans an opportunity to sign up and trial this amazing new program * for a FREE 7 days * before subscribing as a monthly member, and begin to pose-and-flow their way into looking and feeling “star”-shaped!

After a decade of providing a unique, refreshing and inspirational approach to her dynamic yoga private sessions, Charlotte Dodson now brings the same passion, depth and creative outlook to her new yoga web TV series. And her broadcast sessions will also see some of Charlotte’s favorite celebrity clients come onto her set and roll out a mat!

Charlotte’s philosophy involves her making yoga ‘fit’ for you. Whatever your life path, age or experience, she encourages each individual to cultivate positivity within their everyday lives; as Charlotte says, ‘the world would be a peaceful place if we all practiced yoga!’

Charlotte provides this new online media platform with an experienced focus and ability to simplify and easily ‘transmit’ her holistic wellness perspective. Charlotte will provide step-by-step ‘real-time’ communication and commentary via her forums, live chats and live tips. Missed a scheduled class? Yoga-on-demand options are available as separate downloads for you to practice any class in your own time.

Yoga is a life-long journey that grows in transformative power alongside an individual’s personal wellness path. Whether this involves the enhancement of self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem, increasing of flexibility and strength, or providing further stature and poise, yoga offers a means of achieving these dreams.

With Charlotte’s steady guidance, each step taken along the yoga path enables all participants to build towards creating their own personal practice, while embodying yoga’s greatest value: instilling in each of us the ability to gratefully live in every precious moment, and manifest our fullest potential … to thrive in the present with tranquil grace, and in doing so, cultivate a life for themselves that goes beyond all expectation.

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‘With yoga, I believe it’s really important to know who you have as a teacher. To me, Charlotte is the best—her energy is really grounding and nurturing. It has become a part of my life.’
—Miranda Kerr




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