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Miranda Kerr loves this yoga pose! But could it really make your hair look as great as hers?


We’re not going to lie, we had serious hair envy when we met Miranda Kerr. Along with a touch of everything else envy if we’re being totally honest! The supermodel has the kind of glossy locks that directors of shampoo commercials dream about – which is quite fitting given she’s the global ambassador for Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty.

Along with nourishing her body with beauty-boosting foods to strengthen her hair from the inside out Miranda is also a fan of this yoga pose which is said to promote a healthier scalp.

Hair-pose-11It’s known as Sasangasana, which translates to Hare Pose. That’s hare as in rabbit. However, after talking to Charlotte Dodson, Miranda’s yoga teacher, about the benefits of this pose we think a case could be made for renaming it Hair Pose.

“This asana is beneficial because, while your crown is on the ground, more blood flows to your head and proper circulation of blood to the scalp creates healthy hair,” explains Charlotte. “Hare Pose also stretches out the spine slowly, helping to maintain mobility, flexibility and elasticity of the spine. As you stretch your back vertebrae by vertebrae, you’re aligning your spine which is great for improving posture.”

Charlotte says Hare Pose can also help calm your nervous system. Less stress, better posture and the possibility of shiner, healthier hair? We’re willing to give Hare Pose a try!

Here is Charlotte’s step-by-step to Hare Pose:

  1. Start by placing your hands onto your heels (or calf muscles) with thumbs on the outside, fingers on the inside.
  2. Gently roll forward until your forehead is close to knees. Pull on your heels lifting hips high with very little weight on your head and most of your weight supported by your knees.
  3. Roll your shoulders away from your ears and keep your belly strong and drawing back into your body.
  4. Hold this pose for five breaths.
  5. Come out of the pose slowly, vertebra by vertebra, and rest in child’s pose.


Try to get your forehead and knees closer together over time. Eventually , you should pull on your heels so much that your arms straighten.

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