Charlotte is very excited to announce her new ‘wellness ambassador’ role in partnership with MagnaPool, a new breakthrough in total body wellness.



Charlotte says, ‘after a long day of teaching my clients – and completing my own daily yoga practice, which is both vigorous and dynamic – I look forward to soaking in all of the miraculous benefits that this product offers, whether that involves floating in a magna pool or simply relaxing in a long soothing bath with some MagnaPool minerals added.’

Magnesium is an extremely vital mineral that helps you to remain healthy, beautiful, and energetic. Magnesium helps in maintaining normal nerve and muscle functions, keeping your bones strong while boosting your body’s immunological strength and creating more elasticity in your skin. It is one of the key nutritional elements that the vast majority of the population are highly deficient in, and absorbing it through the skin is a very effective way of obtaining magnesium’s many benefits.

Charlotte continues; ‘this product is also kind to the earth, which is an important consideration for me as both a consumer and a spokesperson’.

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