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Is exercise good medicine?

Does it really help to “sweat it out” when you’re sick? Charmaine Yabsley asks the experts when you should train or abstain

If you’re sleep deprived or have insomnia: YES

When you sleep, your body repairs on a cellular level. Research shows not getting enough shut-eye can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and cause weight gain, as well as a decrease in mood, energy and concentration levels. Exercise has been shown to help counteract all of these side-effects — plus, it’s proven to have you feeling less sleepy during the day, and help you have a better night’s slumber (especially if it’s moderate-intensity aerobic exercise).

+ The yoga expert says: Try some calming yoga poses to release any tension or stress in the body, yoga teacher Charlotte Dodson says. “Yoga helps a person unwind from stressful thoughts at the end of the day, and achieve better sleeping patterns at night,” she says. The legs-up-the-wall pose (viparita karani) “is an excellent pose to relieve tired legs and feet, helping increase blood supply to the brain while calming the mind,” she adds.

“It promotes a good night’s sleep as it calms the heart and relieves frustration.”

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