How to Hydrate and Rehydrate

Put the ‘perzaz’ back into your life.

In this toxic world of pollution and nuclear waste, corruption and natural disasters, where can we find the pure harmony that our bodies require for optimal wellness? To cleanse, rejuvenate and rebalance your inner and outer world, this article shows how Water and how its nutritional profile has a parallel in yoga sequences. The following movements will aid you in finding your inner spark, and allow you to put the ‘perzaz’ and purity back into your every living day!


The pure essence of Water comes the palms of a balmy tropical atmosphere, much like the internal breath in yoga creates an inner warmth and nurturing space.

Come into a cross-legged sitting position. Bring hands together at your chest, your heart centre. Keep your spine long and upright and your chin tucked into your throat. Begin to breathe deeply and equally, lips closed and breathe through both nostrils to warm your body up. As you inhale, count to 1-2-3 (maybe to 4-and-5), and do the same count on the exhale. Make sure you are comfortable, and breathe without forcing it. This pose will give you more oxygen as you fill your lungs up with pure essential energy and life force (prana). To release, come back to a natural breath.

Free yourself up

Like the pure nutrient features of Water, your breath also replenishes as it lubricates and creates mobility within all your joints. ‘Pawanmuktasana’ is a series of joint movements that are aligned with your breath. With tightness in the body, it tends to be a case of emotional storage/blockage, so to release anything you’re holding onto, move your joints, create inner space, and free yourself of unwanted tension.

These ‘subtle’ moves can easily be pushed aside as they’re gentle, simple and comfortable. These essential series opens up all the major joints and relaxes the muscles of the body. Start with the first of the ‘pawanmuktasana’ series – anti-rheumatic group.

Throughout these movements, inhale on an upward direction and exhale on a downward movement. Breathe deeply and hold each position for a few seconds, without strain. Repeat all movements 10 times each.

Start with your legs stretched out in front of you, palms placed down by your side; your head, back and neck are straight. Lean back onto your hands slightly to give yourself support (this is your base position).

* Move your toes on both feet forwards and backwards. Inhale to point your toes, and exhale to flex your feet.

* Rotate your ankles, feet together and move both feet in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

* Kneecap contraction – lift your muscles around your kneecap to contract the muscles, and release. Repeat to the other leg.

* Knee bending – hands around one leg, keep leg off the floor. Bend (exhale) and straighten (inhale) leg. Keep spine upright.

* Rotate lower leg – hold onto upper thigh, circulate in large movements clockwise and anti clockwise direction. Repeat to other leg.

* Hip rotation – left hand onto right ankle bone, right hand onto right knee. Circle right knee is large circular movements. Repeat other knee.

* Butterfly – soles of feet together, hands onto feet and gently bounce your knees up and down to open hips.

* Hand clenching – make a tight fist with both hands, open and close hands.

* Wrist bending – lift hands upward with fingers straight and drop your hands downward.

* Wrist rotation – arms out at shoulders height, make a fist with thumbs inside. Rotate fists in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

* Elbow bending – extend arms at shoulder level, palms face up and bend at elbows, fingers touch shoulders, then extend out straight.

* Shoulder socket rotation – fingers to shoulders, elbows out to side and rotate in clockwise and anti clockwise directions.

* Neck movements – gently rock head down, back, left to right. Then turn the head to your right and left side, with your chin tucked into throat.

Whole body

Yoga works on all levels – by creating various shapes with the physical form, it works to massage organs, tone all your muscles, and purify and cleanse every cell in your body. Water acts in a similar manner – it’s very important for proper functioning of all cells, tissues, and organs within the human body. It is also crucial for to heart function, and plays a key role in skeletal health and smooth muscle contraction – it is also important in regards to maintaining normal digestive functions.

Click here for your Whole body workout with Charlotte, alternatively join for your Free 7 Day Trial. This breath and movement sequence warms the system and works to benefit your entire ‘being’, from the inside-out.

Feel light

Water provides your body with vital nutrients while simultaneously cleansing your body – providing you with a feeling of lightness and of being ‘on top of the world’. Like with any twisting pose in yoga, it aids your digestion and provides a fresh influx of blood supply into the veins. Start by laying back onto your spine, and bend your right knee in towards you. Draw your right foot onto your left thigh and draw it across your body towards the floor, at the same time, look away from your knee and reach your arms out at shoulder distant apart. Hold and breathe deeply for 5-10 breaths and repeat to the other side. Keep your chin tucked into your throat, belly active, to support your lower spine and continue to breathe deeply.


Always give yourself time to rest and lay back into ‘savasana’. It allows you to absorb your practice on every level – cellular and otherwise – and every part of your being. Lay back for at least 5-10 minutes to let your nervous system calm down. After your savasana, bend both knees, roll out to your right side, and up into a cross-legged sitting posture. Join your hands at your heart centre and bow your head down slightly. Give yourself moments of kindness, love and appreciation.

Sit quietly with yourself before bowing forward, taking your practice with you into your every living day.

Remember to enjoy a post-session rehydration pick-me-up, courtesy of Nature’s perfect refresher. Namaste, Charlotte.








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