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Five minutes with Charlotte Dodson

Five minutes with Charlotte Dodson
Charlotte Dodson teaches yoga to many International public figures of sport, the big screen and business, including Miranda Kerr (and Orlando Bloom), Lara Bingle, Leah Wood, Phoebe Tonkin and Kit Willow (to name but a few).

Along with her private A-list clientele, she works with a diverse list of projects in order to stay inspired and spread the word of positivity.

Charlotte is a certified yoga teacher who has studied and practiced yoga for over 10 years in London, India, New York and Sydney.

She brings a wealth of experience to every class, having practiced hatha, ashtanga and kundalini yoga with teachers across four continents and has also completed a 3-year International Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching in Sydney.

Charlotte travels regularly to update her knowledge and stay abreast of the latest and most creative concepts and practices. During the Health & Wellbeing Weekend, she will be leading participants through a ‘dynamic hatha’ yoga class, offering variations to suit all levels.

Q. When did you first discover your passion for yoga?
A. Yoga actually found me – it was a blessing in disguise! It became a huge part of my healing protocols after I broke my right arm in a surfing accident. It was my awakening to the life-altering benefits of this practice – after a decade of studying, participating and teaching across four continents, yoga is now my full-time focus. I realised there was much more I could offer to others in life, more ways I could serve the greater good. Yoga is my pure passion and it will stay with me forever.

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