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Get your Yoga On

Celebrity yoga instructor Charlotte Dodson is responsible for some of the best bodies in show business: think Miranda Kerr, Lara Bingle, Orlando Bloom and Gerard Butler.

Who wouldn’t want to look like them?!

Now she’s coming to WA to host the first ever Wellness Retreat at Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa in Broome, so we asked her a few questions about what people can expect from such a retreat, why we should go and how we can get Miranda’s hot body!

TST: We love the idea of yoga (we often put on our yoga pants, and then drink wine…) is this retreat suitable for beginners or do you have to be a yoga devotee?

CD: This retreat program is a perfect platform for all levels and experiences, whether they are novices or have been “hitting the mat” for decades. I work with many different variations and subtle adjustments in order to suit the individual and tailor their progressions to where they’re currently at – flexibility in approach is key!

Charlotte yoga

 She makes it look so easy…but we bet it’s not!

TST: Tell us what you hope the ladies coming to the Wellness Retreat will get out of it?

CD: All of the ladies will walk away feeling fully inspired and I’m confident that it’ll be just the beginning with regards to their yoga journey with me. They’ll feel like a new person after their time at the retreat, returning to their everyday lives feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and stronger within themselves.

TST:  You’ve trained some big name celebrities who have amazing bodies, can us mere mortals really ever achieve their level of fitness?

CD: Absolutely! The more you practice yoga the more you’ll reap the benefits it offers on all levels, gaining a long lean body in the process and feeling like a better version of yourself!

Miranda Yoga

 Miranda strikes a yoga pose. Image: Hello magazine.

TST: What are the biggest benefits of yoga in the modern world? Why should everyone try it?

CD: Yoga allows you to find stillness within – a place of quietness and serenity – especially in this busy life! It also gives you the strength and grace to deal with every day situations, and teaches you to enjoy every moment of your existence. No matter your age or your physical state of health, there’s a yoga style for any and every one to embrace.

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