Eat Beautiful – Quick fix to a firm middle


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By Charlotte Dodson

Have a special occasion you need to get trim for? Need to firm up your middle? Whatever your celebration, whether it be a wedding or a 30th birthday bash – here’s a quick way to getting a firm middle. Yoga is a life passion, and will change your body shape in the best possible way. It doesn’t take long to see its physical benefits, and in turn it will positively effect all areas of your living life.

Yoga will provide you with a healthy and glowing body, creating length and strength within your natural shape.

Just practice the following sequence at least once daily and you’ll feel proud to embrace the special occasion you having coming up. Don’t put it off, today’s the day! If you think too much about this, you would have already talked yourself out of it. The key is to go through the motions, it’ll ease off as your body gets stronger.

Always remember that breathing is a key essential part to yoga, your breath ‘breathes’ you. The body expands and opens on every inhalation and contracts naturally on every exhalation, strengthening and toning the body. The beauty of a yoga practice is that you work the whole body as one. Throughout any yoga practice, your belly should be active to protect your lower spine.

So lets do it.
Belly pumps

Get those belly’s trim and firm. A gentle drawing in of the belly on your exhale, allows the belly to contract and slowly strengthen.

Start by sitting in a cross legged position. Spine upright with your hands gently placed onto your knees, keeping your body long. Chin tucks into your throat, shoulders roll back.

Take a long deep inhalation to expand the belly naturally, hold the breath, with your chin tucked down and pump your belly into your spine 3 times before releasing your exhale. Repeat this 3 to 5 times without force. Come back to a natural breath if it feels uncomfortable at any time.


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