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Be In The Now

Jul 26, 2014 Contributed by: Charlotte Dodson

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Do you often catch your mind wandering all over the place? Are you dwelling with regret over the past, or imagining the future with a fearful perspective? Sometimes we can get so distracted by our internal chatter, we’re not even aware of where we are in the Moment. Yoga offers you the tools that are needed in order to get focused and ‘be’ fully in the present. Wherever you are in your life’s journey, with a committed yoga practice you’ll gain all the power, drive and momentum you need to live in the NOW!


It’s important to take a rest from ‘doing’, as much as it is to work in areas that inspire you; take it easy on occasion, and revitalize your system as a result. It is imperative that we give time back to ourselves. Sometimes it’s a case of bodies crying out for ‘me’ time: time to reflect, to unwind, and be still. It can be a powerful exercise to put the brakes on – sometimes we’re all far too busy to even notice what’s going on deep down inside of ourselves. By giving yourself a ‘time out’, and listening to the silence generated by your stillness, maybe you’ll wind up guiding yourself into another direction – one that can open up a whole new world. You’ll be amazed by the amount of focus and productivity you’ll gain as a result of slowing down.


It’s much better to replenish your energy stores and be kind to yourself, than to simply bombard and overload your body and mind (creating a stressful impact), which leads to compromised physical functions and decreased energy levels. Here are several ways to kindly gain focus and awareness, and live every moment to it’s fullest.


Stop for a moment

The feeling that arises when you can actually ‘stop’ for a few moments, and focus on your breath, can make you far more productive; that’s where wisdom arrives – in silence – which is always there for us. It can take quite a few attempts to actually master this and find the quietness within.

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