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5 Poses Fit for a Supermodel

April 11, 2014

mirandakerr-199x300By Dana Meltzer Zepeda

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr is the kind of woman that turns heads the second she walks into a room. But the 30-year-old’s beauty is more than skin deep, according to her yoga instructor of the past 10 years, Charlotte Dodson. “Miranda is a truly beautiful and happy soul,” she says.

A dedicated practitioner, Kerr squeezes in a daily asana or meditation session, whether at home or on a shoot, says Dodson. While the physical practice helps Kerr maintain her celebrated physique, the mindful aspect is essential for maintain a supermodel’s hectic schedule along with co-parenting two-year-old son Finn with actor Orlando Bloom.

“There is a reason why Miranda is drawn to yoga,” Dodson adds. “It doesn’t take long to see results and, in turn, it will positively effect all areas of your life.”

Here are 5 key poses that Kerr wouldn’t miss, Dodson says. Add these into your daily practice and enjoy the results!


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