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24/7 Healthy Habits







Do you look after yourself? No, do you really look after yourself? There’s more to being healthy than a few gym sessions and some carrot sticks. Here’s our guide on healthy habits for the whole day.

Rise and shine! Now we’ve kicked back the covers on Day Light Savings, there’s no excuse to stay in bed. Start the day the right way, with a jog or even just a walk with the dog. The sun is out and it’s that special time of year when the air is crisp but not too cold.

If you feel the cold, try to get your blood pumping. YouTube Yoga is a great way to energise without having to venture outdoors. We love Charlotte Dodson’s own online Yoga TV channel, where you can join a session, embrace some positivity and stick around for a live chat afterwards.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, stock up on all your essential vitamins with a Green smoothie. There are plenty of different recipes floating around and if you’re a first time green smoothie drinker, The Healthy Chef Teresa Cutter has some great advice on how to milk the most out of your mix. Lauren Glucina, the brain behind Ascension Kitchen, has created the Green Smoothie App, with plenty of recipes and tips for each day. Tip: don’t be afraid to customise your recipes with boosters. Try adding a bit of coconut water, spirulina or a dash of lemon for added antioxidants.

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