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10 tips celebrity trainers swear by

Charlotte Dodson

Charlotte Dodson, celebrity yoga teacher to many stars of sport, the big screen and business, including Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom.

“Everything you do with your body will have a ‘flow-on’ effect that will influence your thoughts and your attitude. With any yoga practice, there are times where something as subtle as a shift in posture can lighten a dark mood. When you stand tall, with dignity—opening and broadening your chest—and walk with confidence, you announce to the world (and, most importantly, to yourself) that you are grounded, happy, and in tune with your surroundings. This is what people will notice about you when walking down the street.”

A day-to-day tip: “Stay positive – start your day with a positive affirmation of your perfect life. Refer back to it whenever you need an inspirational reminder. It’s amazing how this simple activity can manifest itself in your everyday reality – you’ll naturally follow your intention if you give it enough time and regular reinforcement to take root!”




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