Wellness with Charlotte Dodson

Lord Howe Island is known as a place of peace, tranquility and seclusion. For many guests, a week on Lord Howe is their only chance to escape the persistent phone calls, emails and traffic jams of the ‘real world’, and enjoy a much simpler lifestyle that rejuvenates mind, body and soul.

A Pinetrees holiday has always featured healthy food, daily exercise in spectacular locations, massage, socialising with like-minded people and, of course, sleeping. From 18-22 May 2015, 30 August-4 September 2015, 19-23 October 2015 and 16-20 November 2015, we’ll structure these activities, engage some expert practitioners and host four rejuvenating Wellness Weeks.

Over five days, we’ll offer a daily program of yoga, spa treatments, massage, adventure fitness, wholefood cooking classes and organic gardening classes, as well as our ‘normal’ repertoire of swimming, snorkelling, diving, surfing, kayaking, walking, golf, biking and mountain climbing. Combine these activities with three gourmet meals every day, organic wine tasting and a complete disconnect from the outside world, and you’ll experience one of the most rejuvenating weeks of your life. You’ll also learn a range of new skills to help continue a healthier lifestyle at home. Our Wellness Weeks have had great feature articles in the Australian Yoga Journal, Green Lifestyle Magazine, Women’s Fitness Magazine and The Glow. More details at www.pinetrees.com.au

Thanks to film maker Andy Lloyd for his creative talent and enthusiasm. www.andylloydcreative.com

Thanks also to Charlotte Dodson for her patience and grace.

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