– say HELLO to your own royalty & celebrity yoga life coach

Charlotte is an internationally renowned yoga instructor who has taken the world by storm.

She teaches A-list clients such as royalty from the Middle East, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, Basil Iwanyk, Phoebe Tonkin, Stephanie Rice, Lara Worthington and Leah Wood.

After a 18-year love affair with yoga in four different continents, Charlotte and her team are generating next-paradigm content that’s positioned as the go-to source for creative, beneficial wellness practices. A true advocate for the benefits of yoga and a holistic, healthy lifestyle, Charlotte aims to educate the everyday traveller about the many means available to refresh and revitalize throughout their journey.

Offering aspirational and inspirational meditation to destination materials that’s filmed in HD and VR format and ready to upload across simultaneous platforms, Charlotte Dodson TV is a new media hub for a new wave of media consumption.

FLYWELL – a comprehensive & interactive Inflight Entertainment (IFE) wellness program.

FLYWELL is now available for you to stream and watch at anytime, anywhere – whether you are in the sky or in your hotel room or lobby. The program incorporates relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, guided meditations and gentle yoga sequences, along with a comfort button to ease off any nerves & travel prompts for healthy reminders. Charlotte has also put together comprehensive package options for you to purchase and download for your travel.

TravelWell – a new health & wellness lifestyle channel in partnership with PXCom and Skylights to deliver more innovative content solutions.

TravelWell is a personal lifestyle and wellness channel, supporting passengers throughout the entire journey. A comprehensive library of exercises, nutrition, destination knowledge and meditation experiences are available for viewing in video, audio, digital and VR formats. Travel far and wide, confident in the knowledge that TravelWell has your wellness covered – to ‘feel good’ on the go. Charlotte is your wellness journey companion, guiding you ‘along the way’.


Charlotte is regularly featured in the media across multiple countries & platforms.

Charlotte provides bespoke regimes to people of ages, levels & medical backgrounds. Charlotte is a qualified yoga teacher who has been practising & teaching yoga for over 18 years in London, India, New York & Sydney.

Charlotte brings a wealth of experience to every class having practised, hatha, ashtanga & kundalini yoga with teachers across four continents. She has completed a 3 year International Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at Nature Care Sydney & Charlotte travels regularly to update her knowledge.

“With yoga, I believe it’s really important who you have as a teacher, to me Charlotte is the best – her energy is really grounding & nurturing, it has become a part of my life,” says Miranda Kerr.


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