TravelWell – your new health & wellness lifestyle channel

Exciting announcement! PXCom, Charlotte Dodson TV and SkyLights have partnered together to deliver more innovative content solutions:

PXCom’s flagship end-to-end solution, XPLore by PXCom, now enables airlines and their partners to onboard-upload any kind of content material. PXCom natively-integrates editorial content, sponsored content, and even call to actions (offered to passengers throughout the entire journey: pre-, in- and post-flight) in a consistent way via various channels (mobile, web, and of course IFE/C).

TravelWell is a personal lifestyle and wellness channel, supporting passengers throughout the entire journey. A comprehensive library of exercises, nutrition, destination knowledge and meditation experiences are available for viewing in video, audio, digital and VR formats. TravelWell offers the latest innovation and tech advances that will provide clients with a one-stop shop for accessing a world of wellness, wherever they go. Shop for the latest wellbeing products; relax before the flight through anti-stress tips; use guided routines to stretch during your travels in order to arrive refreshed; simply explore the destinations inflight – rejuvenating spas, organic health spots, the fascinating local cultures soon to be encountered – thanks to a full digital experience on the mobile app, on IFE and on SkyLights’ latest VR headset (AlloSky).

Charlotte Dodson

Travel far and wide, confident in the knowledge that TravelWell has your wellness covered – to ‘feel good’ on the go.

Charlotte is your wellness journey companion, guiding you ‘along the way’. Discover a vast range of sensationally-delivered information and inspiration – from the depths of tropical forest exploration, to relaxing on stunning beach sands – as Charlotte guides you through simple yet visually-rich (and easy-to-navigate) content that will serve to both rejuvenate and refresh yourself along the journey. No matter the itinerary, Charlotte is there with you every step of the way.

Join in and travel well.

Visit us at APEX Boston | 24-27 September BOOTH 750 

Contact: +61 (0) 415 116 089


Beyond entertainment, becoming a medium to reach passengers

PXCom is committed to create digital spaces on the IFE/C platforms, regardless of the system (seatback/w-IFE/IFC), to populate them with compelling content, and to provide monetization opportunities.

Through PXCom’s onboard digital solutions, brands can cultivate preferential relationships directly with each individual passenger.


Charlotte Dodson, Royalty and Celebrity Certified Yoga Instructor  

Charlotte and her team are generating next-paradigm content that’s positioned as the go-to source for creative, beneficial wellness practices. A true advocate for the benefits of yoga and a holistic, healthy lifestyle, Charlotte aims to educate the everyday traveller about the many means available to refresh and revitalize throughout their journey.

Offering aspirational and inspirational meditation to destination materials that’s filmed in HD and VR format and ready to upload across simultaneous platforms, Charlotte Dodson TV is a new media hub for a new wave of media consumption.


About SkyLights

SkyLights is an American-French company that leverages Cinematic VR as premium passenger entertainment. It has a signature immersive-IFE solution that transports passengers to their own, private, in-flight movie theater where they can enjoy 3D, 2D and VR content on a wide-angle cinema screen. On average, passengers use the device for 4 hours with a 90% recommendation rate.

Intended for airline customer experience managers, the end-to-end solution (content, hardware, software & operations-setup) is tailored to upgrade and differentiate the business class experience.

The company was founded in February 2015 and has offices in San Francisco, Paris and Toulouse.