MEN can do yoga!

Benefits Of Yoga For Men

Bro-ga: Why All Men Should Be Doing Yoga

The woman on the other side has wrapped herself up into what seems like an inhuman position — while you are sweating bucket-loads just trying to touch your toes.

For whatever reason, yoga has been typecast as a modern health and fitness discipline that belongs in a “woman’s world”. Most classes and studios are geared towards the female population, and a recent study conducted in the US showed that 4 out of 5 people who practiced yoga regularly were women. If you do see a man in a yoga class, more likely than not he has been dragged there by his partner.

An interesting note however, is that yoga was originally devised by men, for men — yet somehow this got lost in translation when it migrated to western culture from its roots in India, as far back as 500 BC. It has only been around in the Western world for the past 80 years or so, yet its popularity has really skyrocketed in the last 15-20 years.

Now, it’s big business. Classes, studios, DVDs and yoga retreats are popping up everywhere, and it seems that every second woman these days is covered head to toe in Lululemon clothing. At its core, however, yoga remains one of the true classical forms of exercise. My favourite part of yoga is that it’s a deeply personal workout. It allows you to connect with yourself, focusing on your own breath and movement whilst ignoring the distractions and constant chatter going on inside your head.

What else is yoga good for? I’m glad you asked. Let’s find out.


1- Yoga will compliment your training schedule

The benefits of yoga are many, from improving flexibility and range of motion in major joints (particularly your hips and shoulders) to improving balance, control and core stability. This supplements your efforts in the gym by building control in your stabilising and synergistic muscles — not to mention awakening some deeper muscles that you will never work in a typical gym workout.

Yoga can be used as a substitute for your core workouts, or even strategically placed as an active recovery session, during times in your program where you feel a little over-trained.

2- Yoga isn’t all just Chants and Meditation

Yoga is practiced in many forms these days, from a traditional, beginner’s Hatha to free-flowing Vinyasa and the powerful form of Ashtanga. There’s also Bikram (otherwise known as “hot yoga”) and Lyengar (using props such as blocks, bolsters and straps and focusing on alignment). Don’t get discouraged if you didn’t like it the first time — you just haven’t found your preferred style yet.

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Ways to keep warm this winter – Iluka Skincare, Natalie Imbruglia

ILUKA Lifestyle Blog

Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

Fire up the heater, put on those ugg boots and fill up your hot water bottle – the weather outside has taken a turn for the seriously chilly, with temperatures dropping dramatically on a daily basis, it seems. Winter really is here! But how can we stay in shape while simultaneously keeping our internal body systems warm and fully-functional this winter?

Our breath is the key to keeping us warm. Have you noticed that when you go for a run that stretches out over a long period of time, you’ll naturally begin to breathe through your mouth during the session? This is an instinctual physiological response that enables the body to cool down. As you breathe naturally through both nostrils, with your lips closed, this heats up your internal self and stores that heat within your body.Throughout this next sequence of poses, ensure that your lips are closed and you breathe naturally through both nostrils. Notice how quickly your body heats up. Remember to breathe deeply throughout each movement, without hurrying your breath. On days when you think you have no time for yoga, try and do at least one or two rounds of the Sun Salutation. You’ll notice the difference in a variety of pleasing ways.
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Boys love yoga – VIDEO

Boys love yoga

UK-based “Boys of Yoga” is an urban yogi movement spearheaded by six males, all hellbent on uplifting the male yogi’s status in the global community of yoga folks.

To them, yoga is a solid, hardcore, and centering practice that’s as perfect for spandex-clad women, granola-munching hippies, and raw vegan activists as it is for the average guy.

In this video, MJ, Charlie, Marc II, Lord Veda, Carl, and Adam each speak their truth on their passion for yoga and how it’s changed their life for the better, despite common beliefs of yoga as a “females only” zone.

“Some guys think that yoga makes you less of a man,” says their website’s ‘About’ statement. “The truth is, it makes you a better one.”

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How to shine in everyway – Iluka Skincare, Natalie Imbruglia

ILUKA Lifestyle Blog


Charlotte is an internationally renowned yoga life coach and motivational speaker. She has taken the world by storm, London born and based in Sydney, teaches clients such as Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, Basil Iwanyk, Phoebe Tonkin, Stephanie Rice, Lara Bingle and Leah Wood.


After a 15-year love affair with yoga in four different continents, Charlotte is a go-to source for the latest and greatest creative practices. A true advocate for the benefits of yoga and a holistic, healthy lifestyle, Charlotte is determined to empower others to make yoga and being positive a part of their life.

Charlotte Dodson provides bespoke regimes to people of ages, levels & medical backgrounds. Charlotte is a qualified yoga teacher who has been practicing & teaching yoga for over 15 years in UK, India, US and Australia.

Charlotte brings a wealth of experience to every class having practiced, hatha, ashtanga & kundalini yoga with teachers across four continents. She has completed a 3 year International Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at Nature Care Sydney & Charlotte travels regularly to update her knowledge.

“With yoga I believe it’s really important who you have as a teacher, to me Charlotte is the best – her energy is really grounding & nurturing, it has become a part of my life,” says Miranda Kerr.

How to shine in every way
By practicing a flowing dynamic yoga sequence on a regular basis (for 20 minutes, performed two-to-three times a week), an individual will soon find themselves benefiting – on many levels – from that hours-into-weeks consistency; please feel free to explore the following physique-enhancing yoga workout that will make you shine and feel fabulous, from root to crown. So try not to brush a short practice (guided by these simple tips, below) aside – with just a little bit of effort, performed with a steady intention of commitment and belief, you will keep building strength, massaging your organs and toning your whole being. It’ll also give you a bright inner glow that everyone around you sees as it shines out into the world!

Positive Intention
How we feel on the inside, simply shows up on the outside. By starting your day with a positive intention (and returning to it whenever times are challenging) can be a great way to stay level headed, giving yourself permission to shine in every way. You can be open with your intention, you just need to believe in whatever your affirmation happens to hold in that moment.

Breathe deeply
The power of your breathing keeps you anchored into the present moment, as well as massaging and oxygenating your body. Sit cross legged with your spine upright and chin tucked into your throat. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through both nostrils (with lips closed) and notice your breath as it breathes you, gently beneath your skin. Count to 1-2-3 (perhaps even to 4-5) on both inhale and exhalations. This will create an inner heat, and an inner spark.

Salute to the sun (Surya Namaskar)
This sequence can work for every-and-anyone, wherever your age, level or experience happen to reside. The sun salutations build strength and flexibility. Complete the following cycle to feel revitalized, and brighten up your whole day through these patterns. It works to warm up your whole body, keeping your mind focused on your breathing while also providing a feel-good body “depth” as you create shapes perfectly for yourself. There are various steps to this movement, with each flowing gracefully from one movement into the next; hold each pose for one breath (except in downward facing dog).
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Yoga And The Great Outdoors – Your Zen Life

Yoga And The Great Outdoors

Mar 1, 2015 Contributed by: Charlotte Dodson
dancers pose

For those of us who enjoy the combination of fitness and outdoor activities, how can we stay in shape while simultaneously keeping our internal body systems warm and fully-functional as the winter season approaches?

During wellness weeks for Pinetrees Lodge on Lord Howe Island, I teach the last class of the week near the base of Mount Gower mountain – a majestic area with ocean views –  at a spot called Little Island. Situated a short walk along a disused road, this is a rewarding trek for anyone. The track passes in and out of the palm forest, and at the end of the path, the vegetation forms a tunnel to walk through-and-under.  At Little Island, I have spectacular views, both of the cliff walls above, and the ocean beyond.  As I look up at the cliffs and mountain top, the epic scenery reminds me – much like the ‘mountain-top’ pose in yoga – to stand tall and proud, and to hold my ground. The glimmering ocean water views teach me to flow with my practice (and with life itself); and as the birds float in the air-streams – which mirror the ebb and flow of the ‘crow pose’ – I’m reminded of the importance of my freedom to make choices and adjust with every up and down of my individual journey. As a turtle swims by, I see the connection to the ‘turtle pose’, which teaches me to turn inwardly and accept “what is”, without judgment. It’s during these moments when I truly come to appreciate how the combination of yoga and the outdoors assists an individual in reflecting the beauty that exists everywhere, both within and without.

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VIDEO: Tone your hips and butt – MiNDFOOD

YOGA: Tone your hips & butt

Practicing yoga helps in sculpting and toning entire body, especially those pesky trouble areas of your lower limbs. Here are some poses that will help sculpt that perfect derrière.

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Charlotte Dodson

10 Fit Aussies Who Are Killing It on Instagram – The Chalkboard Mag


Don’t know Charlotte Dodson? Maybe you’ve heard of some of her clients. Miranda Kerr? Gerard Butler? Orlando Bloom, perhaps? This celebrity yoga life coach is Australia’s go-to source for the latest and greatest in the holistic world, whether you’re an A-lister or not-so-average Jane. We love following Charlotte’s sun-drenched photos and dreamy feed.

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VIDEO: Tighten your tummy – MiNDFOOD

Video: Yoga to Tighten your Tummy

Your middle will feel worked with this short practice which activates the belly to protect your spine. Watch as yoga instructor Charlotte Dodson walks you through this yoga sequence.


100 ways to be happy – body+soul

Being happy needn’t cost the earth. We’ve found 100 sure-fire ways to cheer yourself up.


1. Smile, smile, smile

Even if you don’t feel like smiling, do it anyway. “Your facial muscles send messages to your brain telling you to experience that positive emotion,” counsellor Luke Sheedy says.

2. Enjoy the sunshine

About one-third of Australians lack vitamin D, which can cause depression. During summer, get a few minutes of sun in the morning or late afternoon. In winter, you need 20 minutes.

3. Dress up

A UK survey of 100 women found that wearing clothes that flatter the figure helps to set a positive vibe for the day.

4. Take up yoga

“Yoga will give you more energy and focus,” instructor Charlotte Dodson says.

5. Say “Ohm

Meditation improves brain and immune function, a US study shows. Just 30 minutes a day can make a difference.

6. Stop and smell the flowers

Students exposed to a floral scent used three times as many happiness-related words in an essay.

7. Use fruity scents

Citrus scents have been proven to banish negative moods. Add some to your bath, oil burner or even grate some peel into a salad.

8. Read this book…

What’s the best book for happiness? Novelist Susan Elderkin recommends The Darling Buds Of May by H.E Bates. “Because spending time in the bosom of this family is such a joyous experience,” Elderkin says. “They love and laugh and gorge on life’s fecundity and don’t let themselves get bogged down by annoying details like taxes.”

9. Take a dance class

Swedish researchers found that dancing boosts mental health and mood.

10. Watch a tearjerker

Forget comedies. Apparently sad movies cheer us up more.

11. Be social

“Catch up with friends: it’s good for your health and happiness,” Sheedy says.

12. Have a hug

“Touch can increase the happiness chemicals oxytocin and serotonin,” author Gretchen Rubin says.

13. Grow older

Stanford University found ageing leads to more emotional stability and compassion.

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